Prevention: more than just healthy teeth

Tooth decay and periodontitis are widespread conditions. They not only pose a threat to teeth – they can also cause lasting inflammation, which is damaging to the patient’s overall health. We know what to do about this and can prevent dental conditions before they arise.


Tooth decay (caries): an infectious disease

Contagious bacteria are responsible for this disease. Infection usually occurs in early childhood and is often transmitted by a family member. Simply licking a spoon of porridge or checking the heat of an infant’s bottle is enough to cause this.

The bacteria can spread rapidly through the oral cavity while settling primarily on the teeth and tongue. Their metabolisms can produce a damaging acid that breaks down the minerals in tooth enamel. The teeth begin to decay – the process of cavities have begun.

A harmful film of bacteria

The mouth is an ideal habitat for bacteria, and they will multiply quickly if they are exposed to lots of sugar, which promotes their metabolisms and in turn causes acid formation. This causes the bacteria to form a harmful film (plaque) over the surface of the teeth.

Tartar forms at points where plaque accumulates and if not removed quickly enough. The edges of the gums are particularly susceptible to tartar build-up. The gums become inflamed (gingivitis) and begin to bleed at the slightest irritation. This is a serious symptom which must not be ignored.

Warning signs: bleeding gums

If the inflammation of the gums is not curbed through professional treatment, it can spread. When this occurs, the gums can recede and the neck of the tooth is exposed. This is another area where tartar deposits may form. Over time, it can penetrate under the edge of the gums while advancing more deeply into the gums around the roots of the teeth. At this stage, the condition is known as periodontitis.

If this condition arises, deep periodontal pockets form, which can reach as far as the jawbone and cause severe damage. At some point, the damaged jawbone cannot hold the roots of the teeth in place properly, and there is a risk that the teeth may fall out. Preventing this requires extensive treatment.

Protection through prevention

Brushing your teeth alone is not sufficient for preventing dental conditions. It can only be avoided through regular preventitive measures – allowing your teeth to remain healthy and attractive for life. That is why we recommend that all patients have preventative treatment every three months.

Our goal is to give your teeth ideal protection. That is why we test your risk of periodontitis using bacterial analysis in the laboratory and take a targeted approach. Take the test by booking your first appointment today!

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More than just healthy teeth

Studies show that periodontitis interacts with other widespread conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Regular preventative treatments are the most efficient way to prevent and control these risks.

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