Keeping children’s teeth healthy

Milk teeth are less resistant to bacterial acid attacks. They are more prone to tooth decay (cavities) than permanent teeth. This is particularly painful for children. Damaged milk teeth also severely impair development. We can stop the damage from reaching this stage. Our preventative treatments begin as soon as the baby’s first milk tooth appears.

Preventing dental conditions

To prevent the development of dental conditions, children need particularly careful dental care, because if the milk teeth become infected with tooth decay once, this can completely damage the teeth within a few months, or they may need to be removed by a dentist.

This can cause severe pain and further developmental problems. Healthy milk teeth are vital as “placeholders” for the permanent teeth, and if they are lost, the permanent teeth that follow will have nothing to guide them in the right direction.

This can lead to mispositioning of the teeth and speech impediments, which may require lengthy and expensive orthodontic treatment and speech therapy – but this can all be prevented with the right dental treatment.

Prevention provides effective protection

Because brushing alone is not enough, we place particular emphasis on effective prevention against tooth decay when it comes to our little patients. In this process, we remove plaque from each tooth with the greatest care using extremely delicate instruments. The clean surface of the teeth is gently polished.

Afterwards, the teeth are specially sealed using a coating that contains fluoride. It prevents new bacteria from settling, particularly between the cusps on the back teeth (fissure sealing).

Ask us!

There is a lot you can do to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy and attractive for life. In addition to proper and child-friendly oral hygiene with regular prevention, nutrition plays a key role.

Filling feeding bottles with juice or sweetened tea is a particular problem. They are among the primary causes of tooth decay among small children.

We would be delighted to help you! You can book an appointment here.

Making tooth care fun

Kids have to learn how to brush their teeth correctly! In the “tooth brushing school,” children and their parents learn how. Our trained assistants will show you the best brushing techniques. Coloring the teeth with special solutions makes the results clearly visible. Not only do the children learn, they also have plenty of fun!

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