Healthy teeth in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time – for dental care, too. That is because pregnant women are more prone to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and other dental conditions. Sensitive care is needed to avoid the need for treatment during pregnancy.

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Sensitive gums

The reason for this is – of course – hormones, which make the oral mucosa and other parts of the mouth more sensitive and more easily irritated. This means that pregnant women suffer from inflammation of the gums more often (pregnancy gingivitis) and more intensive gum bleeding.

Many people get a shock when they see blood in the bathroom sink all of a sudden, and it makes them feel uneasy. Women who have never had or who have had very few problems with their gums are particularly likely to be alarmed by it.

Avoiding the risks at an early stage

But women who avoid brushing their teeth because they are afraid of bleeding gums will end up in a vicious circle. The plaque bacteria will multiply and spread, making the inflammation worse and increasing the gums’ tendency to bleed. This also increases the risk of periodontitis.

Health for two!

To support you during this time, we recommend making two prevention appointments during pregnancy. We will provide you with a special, very gentle preventative treatment that takes into account all the particular aspects of pregnancy.

Our practice specializes in treating pregnant women. Alongside particularly gentle treatment, we consciously focus on providing comprehensive advice. Book an appointment as early as possible!

Why go to the dentist when you’re pregnant?

Periodontitis during pregnancy increases the risk of a pre-term birth and low birth weight. That is why dental health is particularly important right now. The same applies if you are trying for a child: if you are planning a family, come to the practice for a consultation.

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