Professional teeth cleaning (PTC)

Dental conditions are particularly prone to occurring in places where the toothbrush cannot reach. Normal brushing is not effective enough when it comes to the areas between the teeth and at the edge of the gums. That is why prevention is essential to maintaining healthy teeth. Tooth decay and periodontitis don’t stand a chance against regular professional teeth cleaning.

The all-round clean treatment

Professional teeth cleaning (PTC) is at the core of prevention. Using special instruments, we can thoroughly remove sticky plaque and tartar from your teeth. An all-around cleaning treatment for the surface of the teeth will polish them to a brilliant shine.

To protect your teeth in the long-term, we apply a special fluoride coating after the teeth are cleaned. It makes the tooth enamel more resistant to future acid attacks, which prolongs the effect of preventative treatment.

Health begins in the mouth

Regular professional teeth cleaning effectively prevents dental conditions. It eliminates the need for uncomfortable and costly treatments. That is why prevention is the gentle and prudent way to keep teeth healthy in the long term.

Improved oral hygiene also supports good health and overall well-being, as removing harmful bacteria (and the inflammation) reduces the burden placed on the immune system. It can also get rid of bad breath.

We recommend the prevention pass

We recommend that our patients have professional teeth cleaning carried out at least twice a year, or four times a year if the risk of periodontitis is high. With our prevention pass, every tenth PTC treatment is free of charge.

The risk of repeated infection by tooth decay (caries) pathogens is high. For effective protection, we recommend regular preventative treatments for the whole family.

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