Stop hidden caries—without a drill

Tooth decay occurs when dietary sugars are converted to acids by certain bacteria that plaque on the tooth surface. These acids dissolve minerals from the enamel and make it porous. Therefore, the bacterial plaque with the toothbrush must be removed regularly with care.

At particularly critical locations, e.g. in the interdental spaces, the toothbrush does not get down and so the bacteria continue their destructive work. Unnoticed here arises caries. It hurts only when it is already too late: namely, when the caries has penetrated deep into the tooth and the typical brown-black color has adopted. In the early stages, a caries on small white spots on the enamel is recognizable. These so-called ”white spots“ are an indication of the onset of demineralization.

Discover early caries early

Whether in children or adults: Only with careful review as part of the regular check-up this hidden caries can be detected in the early stages. Then we have to weigh whether the mineral loss can still be remedied or whether a filling is required.

and treat with the infiltration method with Icon

In case of caries in the early stages, the incipient defect can be repaired with the help of the infiltration method. The advantages of the Icon method:

  • No drilling - no syringe
  • The hard tooth substance is retained
  • All it takes is one treatment
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This is how the Icon-method works:

After a short pre-treatment of the tooth with a gel, a highly fluid plastic is applied to the attacked site, which penetrates deep into the enamel.

After curing by light, the demineralized spot is filled without drilling and the decay can not proceed further.

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