Tailored tooth restoration

We can repair damage to the teeth, such as holes or chipped corners, gently and discreetly using fillings and crowns made from modern materials that match the color of the teeth. A wide variety of highly durable materials (composite of synthetic materials, porcelains) are available to ensure that small “repair jobs” last for a long time.

Naturally gentle

We care about your natural teeth. That is why we use minimally invasive methods to treat minor “blemishes.” When preparing the treatments, we protect your teeth and remove only as much of the tooth’s substance as we really have to.

Even more extensive damage is not a problem for us – in our dental practice in Frankfurt, we offer you the whole range of restorative dentistry methods. Inlays, onlays, and partial and full crowns can eliminate troublesome defects with complete discretion.

We refurbish teeth

Amalgam fillings are unsightly and contain mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal. Amalgam treatment, which used to be widely practiced, is now considered a health risk.

If you still have amalgam fillings in your mouth, we offer an amalgam replacement treatment. When we remove the old filling, we use suction to clear away any fumes that may be emitted, ensuring that the filling is disposed of safely.

Matching colors for the perfect look

Visible repairs – like earlier treatments involving gold or amalgam – are a thing of the past. To make sure that no one can see these repairs, we select materials that match your natural tooth color, so that your dental repairs are not visible to the naked eye.

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